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The most effective method to Negotiate Shipping Rates with FedEx or UPS

By: Michelle McNamara | May 18, 2018

In case you're a high-volume shipper, it's critical to realize how to arrange shipping rates with FedEx or UPS to get the most ideal evaluating you can for your bundles. With a touch of arrangement and a comprehension of the FedEx versus UPS versus USPS shipping rates, you can prepare for yourself at the arranging table.

We pulled together a couple of tips to ensure you comprehend what to search for amid the arrangement procedure. Here's our best guidance for how to arrange shipping rates with FedEx or UPS.

Fabricate a Relationship with Your Account Manager

You'll generally require a record administrator at FedEx or UPS to arrange your delivery rates. Once you've been alloted a record supervisor, ensure you stay in contact with them. Search for ways yo…
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